Ramp4Paws Strap for Side-Entry VehiclesPat. Pending

The Ramp4Paws Strap is designed to stabilize the Ramp4Paws dog ramp when it is used with side-entry vehicles. The rear doors of these vehicles do not open wide enough for the ramp to rest securely on the seat of the vehicle, so the ramp must be placed at an angle.     Order Your Strap Today!

“Your product is the only one I could find to address the need for getting a dog into the back seat of a car. I keep the Strap attached to one end of the ramp; it is nice that I don’t have to remove it each time. It is a great product.”
    – Pat A.     Madison, WI

One end of the Strap has a padded metal hook, which is placed over the vehicle door frame when it is open.

The other end of the Strap is a “loop”, fastened with Velcro®. After the loop is unfastened, the Strap sections can be wrapped around the end link of the ramp which will rest on the vehicle seat. The loop is then refastened with Velcro®.

After positioning the hook and loop, adjust the Strap with the buckle to tighten the stabilizing mechanism.

Now the ramp is stable and ready for use!
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