“I spent six weeks researching ramps and stairs/steps, running all over town, ordering from catalogs and from the internet, returning items I didn’t like, and yours is the only product I’ve found that really fits the bill 100%.”
    – Lani H.     Columbus, OH

“I think the ramp is a fine product. We have two Labradors (ages 3 and 12), and they learned quickly how to use it. Both dogs seem more active, especially our 12 year old. Part is from her starting on cosequin, and part is not having to jump up into our high SUV.”
    – Brock S.     British Columbia, Canada

“Yellie is an A+ student!! It’s all about the ham. It took about 1/2 a package and 20 minutes and she’s up and running! I couldn’t have made the trip without the ramp. The Yukon seats are very high and Yellie can no longer jump up onto the seat. I can’t lift her up either (she’s about 70% of my weight). I would have been doomed without the ramp!”
    – Ann von P.     Washington, DC

“I trained Lily with the ramp flat on the ground first and I thought I’d be adventurous and try Lily going into the car straight away. She took to it the first time! No hesitation – and the same down the ramp. THIS IS A FABULOUS PRODUCT!!! And, so convenient! With warmest wishes and thanks.”
    – Sue and “Lily”     Victoria, Australia

“I’m very happy! I received the ramp in perfect condition. My “Alfader” is beginning to use the ramp and it’s actually very helpful for him to get into my SUV’s trunk/rear compartment. Congratulations! It’s a really good product and it’s also quite practical. I’m very satisfied with this purchase, and I’m also very happy for my dog to have adapted so quickly.”
    – Karla D. A.     Mexico

“I wanted to let you know that my three Vizslas are using the ramp easily and effortlessly. It took about a half hour to get them on it; my young male, who is treat-driven, followed the goodies up the ramp and was the first to conquer his initial fears! Mama (who, because of an injury sustained a year ago, most needs a ramp), rather quickly attempted to tread up and down, as she prefers to use assistance and is wary of jumping in and out of vehicles. My younger female was the most timid, but soon mastered the ramp, after seeing the other dogs utilize it. While they had used a home-made ramp, its appearance was quite different, and all three were a bit hesitant when they first saw the new contraption! I purchased your ramp, primarily because of the efficiency of storage in my CRV, which does not have an abundance of space. Our other vehicle that carts the dogs around is a Suburban, and the ramp works quite well with it, also.

All in all, the ramp, so far, has been successful for us, and I did want to mention that it arrived in great condition, considering it was gently used!” [Yes, we do stock a few Gently Used ramps. Please see the order page.]
    – Debby B.     Sun City, CA

“Paco is doing quite well with the ramp. After a walk in the fields, he really needs to use it to get back into the car. For an elderly dog, he has adapted quite well.”
    – Maureen W.     Suffolk, United Kingdom

“We are very happy to have the Ramp4Paws and really depend on it. I travel a lot with McMurphy (10-month old Bernese Mountain Dog) and it is so easy now to get him in and out of the car. And I know it’s much better for him. Everywhere we go and people see us using the ramp, we get positive feedback. Even our vet thinks it’s a great product.”
    – Evelyn S.     Elsdorf, Germany

“We tested it! It works fine, and Yuri (our Serbian Shepherd Serplaninats, 55 kilos) had no problem using it. In fact, I think he found it very convenient. Thank you very much for everything.”
    – Diogenis Z.     Thessaloniki, Greece

“Thanks to this ramp, our Shepherd’s last 3 months of life were much more enjoyable, as he was able to go with us anywhere, and I could even take him myself without having to lift a 100 lb. dog in and out of my Jeep. I would recommend this ramp for several reasons: one being the convenience of packing it and not having it take up a lot of room; another being the humps on the ramp, which give a dog traction; and it is sturdy and very easy to use. The training instructions were right on the mark. Some people may think this is an expensive product and opt for something cheaper, but I would rather pay extra dollars for something that works.”
    – Denise L.     Ontario, Canada

“We have been using the ramp on an almost daily basis and are very pleased. I would recommend it to anyone.”
    – Norman L.     Essex, United Kingdom

“What a wonderful ramp — so much lighter than our old one and storage in the car or motor home is wonderful. Seamus goes right up and down as though he invented it!! Thank you for the great product!!”
    – Jane K.     Loudon, TN

“I am very proud to announce that Opie is back to riding in the car! My 75 year old Mother does great with getting the ramp in place and rolling it up and putting it in the trunk of her car. Opie figured the ramp out quickly and now goes for rides all the time with Mom. My father died in July and Opie has been having a hard time with this. Dad died at home so Opie was very aware of what happened. His grieving his been very hard on all of us that were grieving also. But it seems like him being able to get out and about again has helped considerably. Opie is diabetic so it has also given my Mom the ability to get Opie to the vet without assistance. When I get home for another visit in Oct. we’re taking Opie with us on a little get away trip. None of this would have been possible without your ramp. Just wanted you to know how much this ramp has meant to our family. God Bless.”
    – Amy G.     Waterville, OH

“We purchased the longer ramp for our golden. It arrived as promised and works wonderfully. He uses it easily and we are pleased. We showed it to our vet the other day and he took it in to show everyone in his office. None of them had seen anything like it. So, thank you for a much needed product. I am singing its praises.”
    – Dr. Judy L.     Lakeport, CA

“We are truly grateful to you for making a ramp that is dog friendly. You can’t go wrong buying a Ramp4Paws. It’s worth its weight in gold. It’s the best, and we’ve tried many!”
    – Lynda M.     Wildwood, FL

“I have been meaning to email you to let you know how much I am enjoying the Ramp4Paws ramp! Bella was a little nervous at first (training with treats definitely helped), but now she is using it without hesitation! I have realized that it is up to me to get her to use it. I can teach her how to do it, but I need to be consistent and use it every time she gets in and out of the car. In the past few months, she began to have trouble getting in the car, so I am thrilled to have this now!”
    – Jennifer W.     Charlotte, NC

“The ramp is so convenient because it rolls up and doesn’t take up much space in the car. My two Newfoundlands (11 months and 2 years old) need all the space they can get!”
    – Jennifer L. San Mateo, CA

“Winston is one-year old, but, being a very large dog (120 lbs), shouldn’t jump down from the car and put so much weight on his front legs. The ramp works really well. I use it regularly for Winston and he feels secure on it.”
    – Babette L.     Lancaster, PA

“The trick is to use a ramp long before the dog gets to the point where he needs it. I had injured my back lifting Oliver into the car every day.”
    – Dorie L.     Washington, DC

“The new puppy (55 lbs. at 4 months) thinks the ramp is great fun to climb. He climbs up and down into the back seat where we’ve strapped in his crate.”
    – Jan J.     Clarksburg, MD

“Luckily, our dog has made a full recovery after surgery, and using the ramp for weekly doctor visits. Laika had no problem using the ramp and was not fearful at all. I think she welcomed the assistance into the wagon. The ramp has been a blessing.”
    – Kathleen S.     Syracuse, NY

“8-1/2 year old Otto has arthritis in his shoulder, and dropping out of the Explorer was killing the joint. You could hear the “thud” as he landed locked-joint on the pavement. Now, ambling out of the car is smooth sailing. And 2-1/2 year old Rudi follows Otto right along. Everybody loves the ramp!”
    – Ken H.     Silver Spring, MD

“Our new ramp works beautifully for us and our big old dogs. I appreciate that it is lighter and easier to store than what we were using. Your product is great!”
    – Amy D.     Camus, WA

“We love our ramp, and use it with our Land Rover. I especially like the way it rolls up and takes up so little space. My service dog has no trouble getting up and down. I also like the storage bag; it keeps the car from getting dirty and is very easy to use.”
    – Cliff J.     Richmond, IL

“This is a really great product, and I wish you a lot of luck selling it. Clearly, it is better than any of the others for sale out there.”
    – Bob C.     Norman, OK

“My Shepherd was six and Golden Retriever 11 when they started using Ramp4Paws. They were comfortable and able to use it within one training session. The sturdiness of the ramp allowed them to feel secure so they could learn quickly and safely.”
    – JoAnn Z.     Bethesda, MD

“Dallas is getting used to the ramp nicely. It folds up neatly and is easy to load in and out of the car.”
    – Penny S.     Cardiff by the Sea, CA

“I am not sure what we would do without the ramp now. I could never lift her up by myself.”
    – Michelle D.     Silver Spring, MD

“We are delighted with your dog ramp! Not only is it easy to use and store, but ‘Devon’ is very comfortable climbing in and out of our van after briefly training him as instructed. This product is so sturdy and well made (in the USA!) that I consider it an excellent investment.”
    – Winkie B.     Huntsville, AL

“My dog, Kemper, was a “go” dog from the start. Everywhere I went, he wanted to go, too! And when the years caught up with his hips and elbows, Ramp4Paws kept him on the go to the end.”
    – Krista B.     Conclusion Labradors, Boyds, MD

“Bailey, our 6 year-old lab, was a little skittish at first when attempting to go up and down the ladder. But after a few tries, she became more comfortable and will do great.”
    – Darda D.     Rockville, MD

“I have been a Lab owner for 19 years, and, as these wonderful dogs age, inevitably they suffer from arthritis in their hind legs. They loved riding in the car, but struggled to get into the back seat. Ramp4Paws is a terrific solution! It’s portable, and it’s been easy to train the dogs. I highly recommend Ramp4Paws to anyone who wants to make life a little easier for a four-legged companion.”
    – Sara M.     Bethesda, MD